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Thanksgiving Dinner Rehearsal

It is that time of year! As much as I love the tried & true traditional Thanksgiving dishes that are such a part of my holiday psyche, I am always looking for something new. One can only eat so much … Continue reading

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January Chills

Its cold, grey, and rainy today. Yesterday was just plain cold and grey. Having a bit of trouble keeping warm today. So, the heat is up, I’m wearing my layers, and there’s plenty of hot coffee on board….now what else … Continue reading

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Guinea Pig Recipes

Do you try different recipes for your holiday meal or stick to the tried-and-true?  I try to sneak one new recipe or food into these time-intensive dinners.  I mean, why not?  All that work should include a little adventure, yah? … Continue reading

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Veggie Packs

This is a perfect way to add some veggie goodness to your summer cookouts. If you’re cooking for a bunch, let them make up their own packs. aluminum foil grill ready for cooking butter, softened olive oil colorful assortment of … Continue reading

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How To Get Your Kids to Eat Eggplant

After pulling out half a dozen cookbooks for eggplant recipes, you make up your own. Secondly, I recommend that you send your dear children outside, so that they don’t know you’re cooking with eggplant and cottage cheese. Anyway, here is … Continue reading

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