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The nail is in the coffin

The 2009 Spending Bill of Historic Proportion has passed. Flying in to save the day, democrat Senator Sherrod Brown was flown in on a government aircraft, as arranged by the WH, to cast the 60th Yea. Can this thing possibly … Continue reading

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Obama the community organizer

Doing what he’s done for years….calling on his friends to come out and play dirty. See what some of what the GOP members, that have been very vocal about their opposition to the spending bill, are up against. Let’s all … Continue reading

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Don’t read AP articles while drinking….anything.

The first sentence of an AP article: “Highlights of a nearly $789 billion compromise version of President Barack Obama’s economic recovery plan agreed to by Democrats and moderate Senate Republicans.” Moderate Senate Republicans? MODERATE?! Woo-wee ouchie wa wa, I choked … Continue reading

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My Senator

He approved Geithner and is too headstrong about “insurance for all”, but mostly he gets it right.

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Another way to voice yourself

No Stimulus has organized a petition that has been and will continue to be delivered to the Senate.

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