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The Weekly LOLs #55

Well, here it is the end of summer. Schools are back in session and vacations are over. It cheers my little beating heart to no end to know that The Emperor With No Clothes has enjoyed his 9th vacation of … Continue reading

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ROP? I think not.

I’m sure you’ve heard about the 9/11 mosque at Ground Zero, NYC. If that doesn’t stick in your gizzard, well, I don’t know what will! It burns my butt!! It makes me mad! It scares me a little bit that … Continue reading

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Sharia here and there.

I ran across an article about the bailed out company, AiG, and it’s sharia-compliant subsidiaries. Knowing generally what sharia law is, I’d like to know what it’s doing in my government. Read article here. At first, I’m thinking, Oh, surely … Continue reading

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