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Good Things #1 & #2

Good Thing #1 – I could hardly wait to share this recipe with you.  It is THAT good! Make it soon and thank me. 😉 Moroccan Chicken aka More Rockin’ Chicken Here are two inspirational foodie type websites, if you’d … Continue reading

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SumSchool Day 1

Off with a bang……….yeah right. Life of Fred – as serious as it needs to be.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, but who is Fred?  Glad you asked.  Fred is a 5 1/2 year old math professor at KITTENS University in Kansas, … Continue reading

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We are no longer HSers. We are not PSers because we pay dearly for the boys’ private, Christian education.  So, I guess that makes us Summer Schoolers….we SumSchool.  We are SSers. Oh, I remember the last week of school. Mostly, … Continue reading

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Homeschool Room Conversations

Why would a blind person go sight-seeing? If there was a hole in the atmosphere, wouldn’t all the air be sucked out? What’s a handsome devil? At the moment: Bull is reading about bones (he is supposed to be reading … Continue reading

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