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Good Things #3 & #4

Good Thing #3 – Just read an article reporting that Americans spend $3000 and up on coffees and lunch, annually. With coffees running in the $3-5 range, that’s anywhere from $800ish to $1300 annually for a coffee-shop coffee. Naturally, I … Continue reading

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The Great Aldi’s Experiment — Part 2

We’ve tried several of the Aldi items and I’ve been able to compare of few of the prices.   Here’s my system:   My comments about the food item in black and parentheses, FWIW. Kroger prices in blue – w/Kroger … Continue reading

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The Great Aldi’s Experiment — Part 1

Aldi’s, Aldi’s, Aldi’s. I’ve heard many praises of Aldi’s, recently. The closest Aldi’s isn’t exactly close, or should I say, I have to drive by many a grocery store to get to the Aldi’s. My first experience with Aldi’s was … Continue reading

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Pennies Poll

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Squeezing Pennies

Lisa at Wildflower Academy wrote a thought-provoking post about Economizing. Who doesn’t want to make the most out of their hard-earned money these days? So much of said money slips away before we even see the first penny, that financial … Continue reading

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