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January Chills

Its cold, grey, and rainy today. Yesterday was just plain cold and grey. Having a bit of trouble keeping warm today. So, the heat is up, I’m wearing my layers, and there’s plenty of hot coffee on board….now what else … Continue reading

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It’s about time you did something.

Christmas, you say? Yep. This is an ongoing, intermittent project, to say the least, LOL. I think I started on this blanket 2 years ago and thought I better get on the stick before I lose interest again. (ADD much?) … Continue reading

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1/22/11 ~ Pocket Doors & Hair Dos

There’s my completed afghan again….I just want to show it off some more. Want to see the inside of a pocket door? The left side is the “pocket” and the right side is the rest of the frame over the … Continue reading

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1/15/11 ~ Wallpaper – yuk.

I successfully resisted the urge to visit the Y today, opting for an upper body workout while removing wallpaper. It wasn’t torture, but I saved the worst for later….One, possibly 2 layers of wallpaper with at least 2 coats of … Continue reading

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It Snowed In Tennessee

This is a very rare snowflake. It is a Lisa Flake and came all the way from Florida. Isn’t it lovely! Thank you for thinking about me in such a thoughtful way, Lisa!

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