Use a trifle bowl or other glass bowl for a pretty presentation.

1 angel food cake – tear into large bite sizes
1 box of pudding – vanilla or cheesecake
1 regular size Cool Whip
1 Qt strawberries, sliced
1 half pint or more of blueberries
1 banana – sliced
Mix pudding as directed. Fold in Cool Whip.
Layer as follows: cake, pudding, berries/fruit, pudding, repeat.
Garnish with fruit.

The fruit & pudding combinations are practically endless. Here’s my list to try:
coconut cream w/oranges, mangos, bananas – top w/toasted coconut
chocolate pudding w/sweet cherries or raspberries – top w/grated chocolate
white chocolate w/cranberries (sweetened), almonds, bit of orange zest

1 Response to Struffle

  1. Sheri says:

    Substitute brownies for the angel food cake for a chocolate brownie struffle.

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