Coke Can Chicken

Need a grill………always good……….always juicy.
4 Ingredients:
•1 whole chicken-3-5 pounder
•1 can of any type of soda
•some sort of sauce-like BBQ, A1, or marinade
•seasoning salt-like Lawry’s, Old Bay, BBQ rub

Prep your grill. Open can of soda, drink half of it and make a few extra holes in the top. Refill the can with your sauce.
Prep the whole chicken, remove giblets, and dry the skin w/a paper towel. Cover the chicken skin liberally w/seasoning salt, sprinkling the inside cavity, too.

Place the chicken over the can, balance it, then carefully place on the grill. In the photo, you can see the special metal holder that you can find in most Walmart-type or Lowe’s-type stores.
Cook about 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Remove carefully!
Let stand for about 10 minutes, then slice.

Save the carcass and bones for a very tasty stock.

Two chickens fit on a round Weber grill easily. I haven’t had good luck w/larger chickens as the thigh area doesn’t get cooked enough.

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