My collection of favorite & special recipes. Nothin’ fancy.

As Christ tells us in Luke 14:13,14

But when thou makest a feast, call the poor, the maimed, the lame, the blind: And thou shalt be blessed; for they cannot recompense thee: for thou shalt be recompensed at the resurrection of the just.

***Maintaining this particular page gives me too much grief and I just don’t have the time anymore.  I will leave it as is, but any recipes added after May 2020 will not be shown here.  Use the drop down menu above or on the main page.  Each recipe has their own page. Sorry, I know that’s not the most user-friendly, but the drop down is alphabetical for simplicity’s sake.***

The Main Thing

BBQ Brisket in the oven
Bacon Wrapped Chicken
Cabbage Un-rolls
Carne Barata – full-bodied, South American-inspired

Chicken Chili
Chicken Chili v.2
Chicken Enchilada Casserole
Chicken Mushroom Pasta
Chicken Pot Pie ~ a lot of work, but one of the best
Chicken Vindaloo An Australian curry dish – warm and comforting

Coke Can Chicken – formerly knows as Beer Butt Chicken
Crabby Cakes
Creamed Chicken – a staple around here
French Fried Onion Pork Chops – people are always looking for this recipe
Greek Pastitsio – slightly different
Jambalaya w/Chicken & Sausage ~ versatile & filling
Keep It Simple Meatloaf
Lasagna for 50
Mushroom Salisbury Steak – love this over mashed potatoes
Pot Roast – who doesn’t like pot roast?
Ragu Alla Bolognese ~ my fav spaghetti sauce, worth the effort
Roasted Shrimp
Seoul Chicken 10 out of 10 according to The Hub
Sicilian Chicken – plus Italian sausage, peppers, tomatoes, onions
SuperSimple Shrimp & Gritssimply delicious
Swiss Steak – cheap and tenderized by the tomatoes
Tamale Bake – i just made this up
Tetrazzini – a homey classic


Gazpacho – yes, cold soup can be good
Many Bean Soup – winter staple
Minestrone – i could eat all this by myself
Navy Bean Soup – i make a good pot of beans, ok
Potato Soup #1 – can’t have too many potato soups
Potato Soup #2
Vegetable Soup – cabbage is a must for me….my fav soup


Hot Bean Dip – simple and always a hit
Three Cheese Artichoke Dip – thank you, Paula Deen


Broccoli Cauliflower Salad ~ goes so fast at potlucks & get-togethers
Firehouse Cornbread – just excellent
Frozen Fruit Salad ~ a southern treasure
Homemade Rice a Roni – grew up on the boxed stuff, this is better
Mid-Summer Italian Bread Salad – refreshing
Pineapple Casserole ~ perfect w/a ham dinner
Ratatouillea comforting mid-late summer dish
Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Bacon
Spinach Pasta Salad – very pretty
Sweet Potato Coconutty Casserole – like


Banana Pudding – not southern style
Basic Dump Cake – make it your own style
Cherry Limeade Fluff – i was in a fluff mood for awhile
Coconut Cake – love coconut
Cranberry Mousse – a Thanksgiving recipe
Pineapple Spice Cake – fast & easy
Pumpkin Bars – yum and more yum
Pumpkin Pound Cake – just as yum
Quick Fruit Cobbler – makes a small batch
Right-Side-Up Pineapple Cake – for us OCD types
Strawberry Pie ~ beyond yum

Struffle ~ looks fantastic in a glass trifle bowl


Brown Butter Icing – could eat this without cake
Cappuccino Fudge delicious version of fantasy fudge
Caramel Corn – Mom made this every Christmas
Caramel Sauce ~ great giftie
Cherry Orange Trail Mix – not your typical trail mix
Fruit Salsa – this is amazingly delicious
Homemade Wendy’s Frosty ~ so close to the real thing
Ranger Cookies – a little work, but worth it


Whipping Cream Biscuits ~ TWO ingredients
WW Whipping Cream Biscuits – whole wheat
WW Bread for Zo – whole wheat bread machine
Crunchy Whole Wheat Muffins
Zucchini Bread – been making this for 20 some years

German Apple Pancake ~ long-time family fav

Other Things
ACV Salad Dressing
Mulled Apple Cider
Pancake Mix ~ so handy, so cheap
Sweetened Condensed Milk

Handy References
Food Quantity Chart for 50

Recipes On Deck
Pimento Cheese Sweetheart Casserole
North Carolina BBQ Pork Roast