How We Got Started Homeschooling

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Educational reasons? No.
Social reasons? Nope.
Safety reasons? Not completely.
Religious reasons? Not at first.

It was……the School Bus. gear_huh2.gif

Hubby and I had plenty of time (about 7 years) to discuss & iron out many parenting issues before our first son was born. He (hubby) was adamant about children not riding the school bus after he saw too many law enforcement videos of school bus accidents. To be honest, I didn’t take it too seriously, figuring we’d deal with the issue when it became an issue. I was a career woman, after all, and the logistics of taking children to & from school just wasn’t possible.

So, dear son is born and after a rather long maternity leave, I return to my job in ICU. As hard as it was to stifle that unsettled feeling in my soul that it is just not right to send this precious son of mine to daycare while I work all day, I did a pretty good job of stifling that emotion. I was blessed to find a wonderful woman to watch him for the first year and life was good. The next year I wasn’t so blessed and put him in a daycare center. He was biten 2 or 3 times there and we were very upset with that and equally upset with the nonchalant ‘it happens’ attitude. One day, DS & I arrived just before breakfast and the children were lined up (like little soldiers) and walking down the aisle to get their snacks. I can still see him today with his bright blue overalls, yellow t-shirt, and shiny white baby shoes on. My sweet precious boy knew exactly what to do….he fell in line and marched up there to get his snack. It broke my heart and all I could think was “my son is truly institutionalized”. I hated it, but I never said anything to anyone and I kept working.

Then comes my next pregnancy and our orders to move to Germany. Whew, was my life about to change! A problem pregnancy and a very rough first year followed. Hubby brought up the idea of me going back to work at the base hospital on occasion, but I just couldn’t get interested. I can’t really explain why because I loved nursing, but it may have been more than I could deal with at the time. Anyway, I began looking for a Montessori preschool as DS was coming of age and I didn’t want him sitting in a classroom just cutting & pasting. I found one, but they wouldn’t take him until he was completely potty-trained. The delayed potty-training was a disguised blessing. Somewhere during my research about Montessori, I found a book Teaching Montessori in the Home . I became quite interested in this and began searching for Montessori materials. Boy are they expensive! I went to our local base library and found a few homeschooling books as I persused the education books. Hmmm….a whole new world was opened to me. I bet I spent 2 solid weeks reading & rereading Rebecca Rupp’s The Complete Home Learning Source Book I had no idea so much was available! I continued to read & research about homeschooling for about a year & hubby and I talked often about it before really deciding to give it a go. I figured that if I could teach the boys how to read, then we could do anything. We haven’t stopped yet!

Our reasons to continue homeschooling have very little to do with the school bus, but you never know what might trip your trigger.

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