Non scholae sed vitae discimus
~~ “We learn not for school, but for life.” ~~

I like the above statement and stumbled upon it while beating my boys over the head with Latin. It still holds true for us, but as we grew in the Lord, it became too small.  We don’t learn for life, we learn so we may be a clean and useful vessel for the Lord, in this life.  I don’t know God’s plan for my boys, but I do know that homeschooling was part of His plan for all of us. Now it is time for a slightly different path, although we are going the same direction, and both boys will go to school for the first time in Fall 2010. God is in it; so it will be good.

My Favorite Homeschool Links

~~Homeschool Forms, Planners, Notebooking & Lapbooking~~
Donna Young Printables & Resources — Awesome lady, awesome website.

Highland Heritage Homeschool — no longer updated, but still a nice resource
OK Homeschool
Notebooking Pages I love notebooking….my boys, not so much.

~~Curric That We Used, somewhat incomplete list & in no particular order~~
Apologia –Exploring Creation with ___________ from Astronomy to Physical Science. Our all-time favorite curric.
Easy Grammar — Used as a main grammar course and also as a supplement.
LFBC — Mainly used for Bible, but have been using more of their courses, as they have improved over the years. Most recently have used their Bible and English. Very straightforward and easy to use.
Math-U-See Awesome math program!
Memoria Press — We’ve sprinkled Latin throughout the years, but never anything too serious.
Rod & Staff via Milestone Ministries — Reading/English program is rock solid. Math is traditional, uninspiring, but effective.
Sequential Spelling — Used this about 2 years with my oldest, who is somewhat of a natural speller.
All About Spelling — Finding something that worked for my mildly dyslexic son was a challenge….this is what worked.
Bob Jones — I wish I had used more BJU stuff. I tried it early on and it was more busy-work than I could deal with, but as the boys grew, it would have worked much better for us.
The Well-Trained Mind — used many of their sources: SOTW & Jessie Wise’s language arts material. I give a great deal of credit to TWTM for really showing me how to homeschool in our early days. If you are thinking about homeschooling – get this book.
Mystery of History — Excellent!

How did I teach my children to read?
That is a good question because they are polar opposites when it comes to learning.
DS1 – 100 Easy Lessons, Bob Books, then a little bit of Rod & Staff phonics (long enough for me to figure out that he didn’t need all that)
DS2 – 100 EZL didn’t work. Rod & Staff didn’t work. Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Reading by Jessie Wise Bauer — worked! Hallelujah!

~~My Most Used Sources for Curric and Supplies~~
Amazon — does anybody really need a link for the queen of internet shopping?
Christian Book Distributors — more internet shopping royalty
Finders Keepers
Home Science Tools
Well-Trained Mind

~~Our Umbrella School & TN Law~~
HomeLife Academy
Homeschool Reporting Online
Tennessee’s Homeschool Information Site
TN Homeschool Law ~ HSLDA Legal Analysis

~~Just Good Sites~~
Applie’s Place Homeschooling Mom with a passion for science and creepy crawlies.
Baldwin Online Children’s Literature Project – free, yes free lit
Classical Christian Homeschooling
Calvary Chapel – used this a lot when they were wee boys
DLTK’s Customizable Chore Charts – gotta have a chore chart….I still need a chore chart.
Homeschool Freebie of the Day
Latin Phrases
Library & Educational Services
Yesterday’s Classics

Others Links I Use but didn’t want to create another page for:
~~Blog Helps~~
216 Web Colors
Blogging Basics 101
VisiBone Color Chart

~~Where Did All the Good Christian Music Go?~~
Abiding Radio
Old Christian Radio

**updated/link check 10/18/14