Non scholae sed vitae discimus
~~ “We learn not for school, but for life.” ~~

I like the above statement and stumbled upon it while beating my boys over the head with Latin. We quit Latin and I was sure we were doomed as homeschoolers. However the phrase still held true for us, but as we grew in the Lord, it became too small.

We don’t learn for life, we learn so we may be a clean and useful vessel for the Lord, in this life.  I don’t know God’s plan for my boys, but I do know that homeschooling was part of His plan for all of us. Now it is time for a slightly different path, although the same direction, and both boys will go to school for the first time in Fall 2010.

God is in it; so it will be good.

I used to keep my links here, but they’re gone…too many dead or outdated and I’m not going hunt them down.

Follow your homeschooling path and may God bless it!