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2/9/11 ~ …and then there’s….

What do Obama and Christina Aguilera have in common? They can’t “get” that whole National Anthem thing figured out. What do Obama and Lady Gaga have in common? They both came out of no where. What does Obama and a … Continue reading

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The Weekly LOLs – Nov.3.2010

Yes…..I am gloating. Lord, thank you, thank you, thank you for giving us an opportunity to straighten up. Love, love love this headline — Biggest GOP Numbers in the House Since ’46 * So much for the Republican party driving … Continue reading

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Still LOLing and Real Life

As I write, there are 21 days until the big midterm election. By the time I actually post this….who knows – regardless, Nov. 2nd cometh soon. I can’t wait! Entrenched politicians are fearing We The People and its about time. … Continue reading

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The Weekly LOLs #whatever

I hate to be a buzz-kill, but as a co-owner of Government Motors Corp…..YOU’RE FIRED! This is what Partier-In-Chief had to say…..

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The Weekly LOLs #55

Well, here it is the end of summer. Schools are back in session and vacations are over. It cheers my little beating heart to no end to know that The Emperor With No Clothes has enjoyed his 9th vacation of … Continue reading

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