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Keep it Simple Meatloaf

We love this beet loaf meatloaf!  It is homey and comforting and filling and pretty cheap. Meatloaf: 1.5 – 2 lb ground beef 1 slice bread – crumbled 1 egg – slightly beaten 1/2 onion – chopped 1 t salt … Continue reading

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January Chills

Its cold, grey, and rainy today. Yesterday was just plain cold and grey. Having a bit of trouble keeping warm today. So, the heat is up, I’m wearing my layers, and there’s plenty of hot coffee on board….now what else … Continue reading

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It’s about time you did something.

Christmas, you say? Yep. This is an ongoing, intermittent project, to say the least, LOL. I think I started on this blanket 2 years ago and thought I better get on the stick before I lose interest again. (ADD much?) … Continue reading

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Good Things #3 & #4

Good Thing #3 – Just read an article reporting that Americans spend $3000 and up on coffees and lunch, annually. With coffees running in the $3-5 range, that’s anywhere from $800ish to $1300 annually for a coffee-shop coffee. Naturally, I … Continue reading

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Good Things #1 & #2

Good Thing #1 – I could hardly wait to share this recipe with you.  It is THAT good! Make it soon and thank me. 😉 Moroccan Chicken aka More Rockin’ Chicken Here are two inspirational foodie type websites, if you’d … Continue reading

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