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Thanksgiving Dinner Rehearsal

It is that time of year! As much as I love the tried & true traditional Thanksgiving dishes that are such a part of my holiday psyche, I am always looking for something new. One can only eat so much … Continue reading

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Keep it Simple Meatloaf

We love this beet loaf meatloaf!  It is homey and comforting and filling and pretty cheap. Meatloaf: 1.5 – 2 lb ground beef 1 slice bread – crumbled 1 egg – slightly beaten 1/2 onion – chopped 1 t salt … Continue reading

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Keeefir, Kehhhfir, Keh-FEAR?

I don’t really know, but it is what’s growing around here…or fermenting…or culturing.  Doing what kefirs do. My little kefirs had a rough start. When they arrived, I was in the throes of some health issues and the grains sat … Continue reading

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New foods

Old foods are the new foods,  it seems. Consider the dandelion. I remember, as a child, hearing about old folks eating dandelion greens, making jelly out of the flowers, and grinding up the roots for a hot beverage. I just … Continue reading

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Make Your Own Beef Broth

I cannot encourage anyone enough to buy grass-fed, pastured, organic, hormone-free beef! We bought a freezer and our first quarter of beef this year. If you’re over 40 or so, you will recognize the flavor as how meat used to … Continue reading

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