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My Y People

The horrible heat of summer is all but over, vacations over, and kids back in school. Being out of excuses, I am back to my YMCA for my morning workouts, training, me time, or whatever you like to call it. … Continue reading

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Let’s Go Organic…at least until we run out of money.

Have I mentioned that I think our food supply is contaminated and corrupt? Yes? Ok, just making sure. So, what do we do about it? #1 Grow your own. Uuuh, no, I hate sweating in a patch of dirt & … Continue reading

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How’s it going?

As promised in my last DIET post, a progress report, of sorts. I can say that the lovely generalized puffiness is gone. It still has its own little cycle and also shows up when I’ve indulged in a little too … Continue reading

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Here I Go Again

Yes, a new diet plan, another life style change, jump-starting the old exercise routine.  Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Been there….Done that! Have a closetful that spans 5 sizes to prove it. Pardon my cynicism.  I am especially cynical when it comes … Continue reading

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