Sheri’s Justice System Reform

One of my new medications lists “vivid dreams” as a side effect. Boy, they ain’t kidding! I just “attended” a public hanging, (watching too many westerns, lately?) which lead me to devise a new and improved and greatly simplified code of justice. Here’s how it works.

The criminal – that means you were caught and given due process – is responsible for their own rehabilitation and given this life-changing opportunity. The total cost of incarceration will be figured and that amount credited to the criminal’s reform account. Providing the funds is the law-abiding citizenry’s responsibility….yes, our tax dollars at work, but, there is no “jail” in the sense that we have today. There are publicly-provided apartments, we’ll call it reform housing, where the criminal must reside until finished with my reform program. They are not allowed to mix with society, except the minimum amount necessary to complete their community service.

Here are the criminal’s responsibilities:

#1 Provide your own board while detained in the reform housing. A frugal stipend from the reform account is provided and your family is expected to help.

#2 Successful completion of Dave Ramsey’s financial program. Money is the root of all evil, so one must know how to handle it properly.

#3 A complete and thorough reading of The Holy Bible – the KJV, none of that watered down stuff. If knowing God doesn’t change you, nothing will.

#4 Community Service…you will serve at the public’s leisure. Good honest work is good for the soul and builds character.

•Short-term and temporary assistance upon successful completion using the criminals reform account as an incentive and a hand-up to change the situation they were in before.
•The remaining balance returned to the public coffer and the victims as part of the criminal’s debt to society.

Participation in Sheri’s Reform Program is optional. The truly sick and violent are not eligible for this program: perpetrators of heinous crimes, crimes against a child, and terrorists go directly to ‘the hangin’ part, after a clear presentation of The Gospel of Jesus Christ. Same for those that refuse the program.

So, Criminal, go through the reform program or die….we serve a God of second chances, so here is yours.
You either get right the first time, or you die, publicly….we will no longer abide the term “career criminal”.

Simple as that.

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