Keeefir, Kehhhfir, Keh-FEAR?

I don’t really know, but it is what’s growing around here…or fermenting…or culturing.  Doing what kefirs do.

My little kefirs had a rough start. When they arrived, I was in the throes of some health issues and the grains sat on my desk for a good week. During the week, they became buried in a pile of mail and thusly forgotten a second week.  I think a good part of another week went by before I gathered the courage (ahem – motivation!) to get this kefir party started. The first batch came through quite sugary but OK, despite being grossly neglected.  Much to my surprise, the boys liked it and I am encouraged.  My little kefirs are alive!

The second batch didn’t fair well.  I used plain sugar in this batch because I was feeling cheap and didn’t want to use up all my organic whole cane  sugar .  Nor was I sure I wanted the molasses under flavor.  To add more stress to my little kefirs, I set them in the oven overnight with the light on to keep them warm – because we were in the midst of a cool spell and there was no way I was going to close my windows!  Well, that oven got a LOT warmer than I thought.  Anyway, I finished the ferment and bottled up the batch to see if it worked.  It didn’t.

OK…back to The Google to learn ‘How to Rehabilitate Your Kefir”.  Kefirs need some minerals in the water.  AHa! Our drinking water is filtered through a Big Berkey…no chlorine, no fluoride, nada.  So, I added a couple drops of ConcenTrace to the next batch.  Low and behold a nice white film begins to grow on the brew and that is never a good thing.  The white slime of death.  Now, I’ve really done it and killed my kefir.


It’s embarrassing to say that I’ve been whooped up on by a kefir, so before I conceded, I went for one more batch.  This batch has it all….good sugar, minerals, a happy place on the counter.  Fourth time is a charm, right?

The next morning, I check my little jar of friends and I don’t see a white film.  OK….maybe!

The next morning, I see bubbles.  Yes!  Beautiful little bubbles of fermantatiousness!  We dance together in the kitchen….okay, I was just swirling them around a little bit.



Where I found instructions and helps.

Choosing the Best Water Kefir Ingredients @ Cultures for Health

Water Kefir FAQ also @ Cultures for Health

Directions – Video and Written @ Wellness Mama

How to Make Milk Kefir – good general info on probiotic from DIY Natural

kefir grains – I bought these from Keysands because they had Five Stars.  My kefirs are obviously from good ‘stock’ and they also come with an owner’s manual.

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3 Responses to Keeefir, Kehhhfir, Keh-FEAR?

  1. Kristy says:

    I make water kefir for a while but it was too much work to maintain and I was the only one that would drink it. So down the sink they eventually went :(.

  2. Elaine says:

    OK, what are “kefirs”? I have never heard of this.

    • Sheri says:

      They are interesting little matrices of yeast and bacteria and when cultured give you a very fine probiotic beverage. They are called grains even though they are not a grain at all. There are milk kefir grains (which I’ve never tried) and water kefir grains. The links above have a ton of information if its something you’d be interested in trying. We make water kefir and our favorites are flavored with apple ciders or flavored lemonades. I put them in the fridge to rest over Thanksgiving because I had so many other things to do, but I’ll probably get another batch culturing here soon. We miss having our kefir to drink.

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