A Gospel Song A Day Keeps the Blues Away – It is Finished!

Its the last day of January and winter will slowly draw down here in the Mid-south.  We are already appreciating the extra moments of evening daylight and the daffodils are popping though the soil.  Good and welcome signs!

I saved this song for last because I’m corny like that.  I hope the daily gospel songs have brought some sunshine, or should I say Sonshine, to your long winter days.


The greatest note of triumph ever sounded in the ears of a startled universe was that sounded on the Cross of Christ— “It is finished!”. That is the final word in the redemption of humankind. –Oswald Chambers

You can tell when a choir likes what it is singing!

I have glorified thee on the earth:
I have finished the work which thou gavest me to do.
John 17:4

 When Jesus therefore had received the vinegar,
he said,
It is finished:
and he bowed his head,
and gave up the ghost.
John 19:30

It Is Finished
by Bill and Gloria Gaither

There’s a line that is drawn through the ages
On that line stands an old rugged cross
On that cross, a battle is raging
To gain a man’s soul or it’s loss
On one side, march the forces of evil
All the demons, all the devils of hell
On the other, the angels of glory
And they meet on Golgotha’s hill
The earth shakes with the force of the conflict
And the sun refuses to shine
For there hangs God’s son, in the balance
And then through the darkness he cries

It is finished, the battle is over
It is finished, there’ll be no more war
It is finished, the end of the conflict
It is finished and Jesus is Lord

Yet in my heart, the battle was still raging
Not all prisoners of war had come home
These were battlefields of my own making
I didn’t know that the war had been won
Oh, but then I heard the king of the ages
Had fought all the battles for me
And that victory was mine for the claiming
And now praise his name, I am free.

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  1. Kristy says:

    Thanks for sharing these all month :).

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