January Chills

Its cold, grey, and rainy today. Yesterday was just plain cold and grey. Having a bit of trouble keeping warm today. So, the heat is up, I’m wearing my layers, and there’s plenty of hot coffee on board….now what else can I do? Brrrrr!

The morning errands are done, so next on today’s agenda –> Minestrone <–!! Mmmm good! It is definitely soup weather.

Then I'll spend a little time with Spidey…my next big project that I started late last night.


Isn’t it fun to photograph “red”? :p

I do like starting a round ripple…the center is my favorite part, after that, its just rippling. A certain grandson asked for a spiderman blanket, like his ‘uncle’ has. Who am I to say no, to that? So, here it begins: I Love This Yarn in fire red and royal blue with an “I” hook.

Oh – “sssshhhh” Spidey is a surprise because I bet the little guy forgot he asked!

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3 Responses to January Chills

  1. Kristy says:

    Grandson? What? Your boys aren’t that old, are they?
    That looks adorable though. Whoever he is, he’s going to love it!

    • Sheri says:

      Yep…the first grandson of three, actually. My daughter is a liiiitle bit older than my boys!

    • Kristy says:

      Yes, I had to go stalk you on FB and check it out. I forgot that you had a daughter. And I definitely didn’t know that she was married. Grandma Sheri! I love it.

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