Good Things #3 & #4

Good Thing #3 – Just read an article reporting that Americans spend $3000 and up on coffees and lunch, annually. With coffees running in the $3-5 range, that’s anywhere from $800ish to $1300 annually for a coffee-shop coffee. Naturally, I was wondering how much it costs us to make our daily cappuccinos here at home. Are you ready for the answer? You might want to sit down. Less than 25¢ each….more accurately, it came to 19¢ a mug. In the spirit of full disclosure, that does not include the sales tax on milk. I also don’t pay sales tax on coffee, because I order it through Amazon’s Subscribe & Save. Makes our little homemade cappuccinos taste all the better.

Good Thing #4 Did the little piggy cry wee, wee, wee, all the way home?

*Snort* HeHe! Now how can you not smile at that?

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