Good Things #1 & #2

Good Thing #1 – I could hardly wait to share this recipe with you.  It is THAT good! Make it soon and thank me. 😉

Moroccan Chicken aka More Rockin’ Chicken

Here are two inspirational foodie type websites, if you’d like to take a gander.
Tasty Kitchen: A Happy Recipe Community from Pioneer Woman.
Just a Pinch Haven’t spent as much time here, yet.
I like both these sites because they are real people posting workable recipes.

Good Thing #2 – I am purging our former homeschool room. The purging stage really isn’t that bad. Yes, there is some anxiety when parting with things from such a wonderful and fulfilling experience, but too many things make for a cluttered and unhappy space. So, a purging I go, without mercy, without remorse, and with purpose.

The Pile

Saved Treasures

One of Four Empty File Drawers

I know exactly what’s going back into that drawer because I have a plan. HaHa, not really, it just occurred to me as I sit here typing and looked at another junky space on my desk.
A friend shared this link for an organizing site, that I think looks pretty good. Last year the Organizing Junkie ran a 52 weeks of organizing type thing and all the info is still there. I am liking the project a week mentality. Its do-able and totally up to me as to what I dig into each week.

I hope to have this finished up by Friday at the latest because my next little project is a bit of a quickie and I might get it done over the weekend.

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