A nook and a cranny

My interior design skills are pretty much, nonexistent.  I buy lovely works of art to hang on the walls and call it good.  Every once in awhile, a wave of inspiration hits and I might do an ‘arrangement’ of things on a wall, but I wouldn’t call it creative by any means.  I am happy if everything is somewhat balanced and hanging straight.

When we would PCS (that’s “move to a new house” for you civvies), the walls would be pert near blank for about a year, especially if there was new paint on the walls.  I just don’t like putting nail holes in nice, smooth walls.

My big kitchen remodel is such an example of this, but The Hub and I changed that today.  This is the cranny.  I guess it’s a cranny….its definitely not a nook.  You would think its tucked away under an obscure staircase because I’m not sure anyone in this house knows where it is, other than myself.

Kiss The Cook

Kiss The Cook

~Kiss The Cook ~  It took about 15 minutes to put that up there.  It’s been in it’s box since mid-December.  No…I don’t procrastinate….much.

You may also notice that I don’t do curtains.  The little plaque in the ledge says “Rejoice in the Lord always”  I need that reminder, especially when washing dishes or handling, ewww, raw chicken.





Now for the nook.

The Nook

The Kitchen Nook


Yes, this is more nookish.  My whiteboard weekly calendar is a wonderful little thing.  One quick glance and I know what I’m doing and where I need to be that day.  As you might guess, this nook is a clutter magnet, but it looked good today, so I took a picture.

I don’t know if this will always be a desk.  Sometimes I think it would make a good place for the microwave, or some other kitchen gadget.

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  1. Kristy says:

    I love those vinyl transfers….so cute and easy. You picked a perfect one.
    I had to go back and see the final post of your kitchen (from 2/5/11) – which I did not remember ever seeing but I commented, so I must have – and it is gorgeous! It is just what I want to do with our kitchen…tear down the wall and make it longer, granite, longer island, etc. You are giving me the bug again.

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