A baby changed everything.

If you think a baby changes everything………wait until you meet Jesus Christ!!!

Meet the Newborn King this Christmas season as your Savior and rightfully make him King in your life. I promise, it will be your best Christmas ever and give you a brighter, better outlook for the New Year.

The most well-known bible verse, John 3:16 says it simply:

For God so loved the world, (the whole world, not just a select bunch of strange folks)
that He gave His only begotten Son (there is only one Savior, whom willing came to us, to reconcile our broken relationship with Him)
that whosoever (again, it’s for ALL of us)
believeth in Him (that’s your part…you gotta believe that Jesus is God Incarnate and that He came here for you)
should not perish (die without accepting Christ and spending your eternity separated from all light & love)
but have everlasting life. (eternity in a joyful, perfect, heaven)

Christmas is a time when we attempt to take care of so much.
We want to drown our family with gifts and favorite foods because we love them and they are precious to us.
Our close friends are on our minds and in our prayers and we want to share some holiday time with them.
We reach out to friends that we haven’t seen or spoken to since last Christmas.
Total strangers in need, burden our hearts as we donate money, gifts, and foods, to worthy and honorable causes.
All of this is good and right, but does it compare to taking care of your eternal soul?

A baby changed everything.

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  1. I love this post “A baby changed everything”.

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