I’ll take God’s timeline any day

Dog chews glasses.  Let me rephrase that – Husband’s dog chews glasses.  Actually, I was amazed that I could still wear them and they didn’t sit all caddywumpus on my face.  I decided to be thankful that I walked in on the dog before my glasses were totaled.

I procrastinate in making an eye app’t; as I do with every other kind of app’t that requires commitment and waiting room time.

Fast Forward a week or two:  I have now procrastinated long enough and need new glasses before the week is over.   After all, there are those one-hour optical shops, right?  Somewhere in there, the dog and I reconciled.

Called WM on Tuesday at 10am and they have an app’t at 11.  Wow, I’m amazed and thank God for looking out for me, even (especially?) when I am lazy and procrastinate.

So, I pick out some fancy JLo glasses, and the glasses lady says “7 to 10 business days”.

My bubble is burst.

Me:  “REally?  But I need them sooner, how about those one hour places?”

Glasses Lady:  “Nope, they don’t exist anymore and I can’t even guarantee that they’ll be in within the 7 to 10 days.”

I don’t even know why I felt a little disappointed….I mean I procrastinated plenty long enough.  So, I prayed about it and went on with business as usual.


It’s Saturday afternoon and I’m sporting my new glasses….that’s 3 “business” days and a Saturday morning of shipping them off to wherever they go and getting them back to my WM.  I am amazed and once again realize that my God looks out for me in the smallest of things.  Am I happy to have new spec on my face?  Absolutely.  But the real thing is that God was in this!  How incredibly humbling is that?

He’s not confined by “business days”, hindered by MY weaknesses, or bothered that I asked a little thing.  I love Him and cannot begin to express how happy my heart is when I see HIM all around me.

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