We are no longer HSers.
We are not PSers because we pay dearly for the boys’ private, Christian education.  So, I guess that makes us Summer Schoolers….we SumSchool.  We are SSers.

Oh, I remember the last week of school. Mostly, I remember how hot it was. My poor children; I almost feel sorry for them. Here they are, dreaming of their first real summer vacation (which officially begins at 12:16 this Friday, so I’ve been told) and I am conniving to spoil their whole summer!

Smashed dreams.

Smashed by their crazy SumSchooling Mom.


MY WICKED PLAN, sprinkled with a little bit of “why?”

SumSchooler #1 is a rising sophomore. His strengths are stability, deep thought, logical thought processes, reading, history, and he’s a darn good gamer.
His weaknesses are a tendency to sit, math, ignoring things that don’t interest him, a lack of creativity, and well….he’s a darn good gamer.

His SS schedule will include a review of Algebra, with Life of Fred: Beginning Algebra, to gear up for Algebra 2 in the fall. Yes, there are still gaps.
Critical Thinking Book One
Summer Reading list that I am still working on….it will not be fluffy or potato chippy. FYI: Amazon has a nice list of classics for free that can be downloaded to your device and it doesn’t have to be a Kindle. Just download the free Kindle app.
Something about learning to drive or some such thing like that. LALALALA, I can’t hear you!

SumSchooler #2 is a rising 8th grader. His strengths are perseverance, humor, common sense, history, and an impressive work ethic. His weaknesses are moodiness, all things language related or anything that involves heavy reading and the physical act of writing. He is dyslexic, but I can’t in good conscience label that as a weakness because it is also a strength and has a beauty of it’s own.

His SS plan includes art, per his request. Ordered him the Lifepac Art Elective set (15% off this month) and Hooked on Drawing (glad i found it used!).
A Reason for Spelling – spelling is the bane of this child’s existence right now and it brings his English grade down like a lead balloon.
Life of Fred: Pre-Algebra w/Biology.
A light summer reading list, which you might have guessed, I am still working on. Hey, I have until 12:16 this Friday.

Both of the SumSchoolers will be joining me at the Y at least 3 days/week for cardio, strength training, and a reward of sitting around the pool soaking in our God-given vitamin D.
We will be spending some time reading and discussing the Gospels.

And YES, there will be some vacation and down-time in there, too. What’s a summer without enjoying man’s finest invention…..air conditioning…..while in a semi-vegetative state of mind?

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9 Responses to SumSchooling

  1. Melanie says:

    You’re the best mom ever! =)

  2. appliejuice says:

    “Summer Reading list that I am still working on….it will not be fluffy or potato chippy”

    Dang! You’re harsh!! But still the best mom evah!!

    SSers. LOL Love it.

  3. tressays says:

    Love it! I think it is great. I have to get working on a summer reading list too. It sounds like you have a wonderful summer planned. (have fun with the driving. I have new gray hairs thanks to that.)

  4. Donna says:

    Super cool mom alert!
    I like your new word. =)

    Hey and guess what? Yesterday I just published lesson plans for unit 4. You’re the first person to hear about it. =} It is currently linked under perspective, but I should go link it under the aop section too.

  5. celticmuse says:

    Very Good!!!! and I agree you are the best mom ever!!!!SumScooling will build character and we all need some of that!

  6. celticmuse says:

    and ignore my spelling, still haven’t gotten full use of my hand

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