Bird Notes

I saw two male indigo buntings at my feeder today.  They are skittish and were flying away too fast for me to ID them for sure.
We have spotted several purple martin flying around, but I can’t say for sure that they’ve taken up residence in our purple martin house.
The cedar waxwings are here eating all my red berries off the holly trees.  FINALLY!  I’m tired of those berries dropping all over my driveway.
Some dirty bird threw the nest and eggs out of the bluebird house….I’m going to blame the fox sparrow, but it might have been the starling.
Several pair of red-winged blackbird in the pasture this spring.
Spring storms are really active and intense this year.  
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  1. celticmuse says:

    great post….but where are the photos???? you have an iphone afterall.

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