2/1/11 ~ Happy New Month

Adieu January, don’t come back til next year.

Feb 1st, 2011
Yep, February looks so much better.

The stone tile backsplash is going up right now and its so pretty!

News Flash! –> I made a color decision. <–
It is Sherwin (I can't hardly type that without throwing in an extra 'i') Williams Afterglow. After a ridiculous amount of angst, I made my decision while standing in the paint store, talking to the very patient paint lady. What, exactly, is so difficult about choosing the color of your walls? I think my palms might have even been sweating as I pointed to the color on the strip. What if I don’t like it? What if it glows? What if it makes me want to scream “trick or treat!”? What if my husbands thinks it horrid and he can’t make me anymore cappuccinos in the same room with THOSE walls? What if the kids start blazing thru the kitchen because they’re afraid they will be burnt to a crisp by the hot lava? What if I really like white walls best?

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4 Responses to 2/1/11 ~ Happy New Month

  1. Kristy says:

    LOL! Good for you. I bet it will be beautiful!

  2. Donna says:

    =D I understand.

  3. appliejuice says:

    Beautiful photo!!

    What exactly is the color of “Williams Afterglow”? I bet it will be lovely.

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