1/26/11 ~ Oldness

Yesterday morning my van turned over to 100K, making her a bonafide GrannyVan.

Yesterday afternoon, a personal invitation from AARP was in my mailbox. I.DON’T.THINK.SO….and its not even the age thing.
Dear AARP — I know your part in the ObamaCare Ram-O-Thon. Shame on you. Just because I’m looking at the Big 5-0, doesn’t make me stupid enough to fall for your political actions disguised as benevolent advocate and bearer of big, shiny discounts. I couldn’t get that letter into the shredder fast enough!

Speaking of old….did anyone watch the SOTU?

Bull was voted best dressed for Western Day and the reward was chocolate. 😀 I guess he was inspired because today’s Mix & Match “outfit” is a hoot! Think, blue/brown plaid shirt, a formal black bowtie, and a red baseball belt. We will not be making any stops on the way home.

Drywall Work

Josh, the drywall guy, is a hard worker. He works at UPS from some unearthly hour until around 11. Grabs lunch on the road and starts hanging sheetrock and doing sheetrocky things. He a 3rd generation sheetrocker and started working with his father and grandfather when he was 12. Did you know they walk around on these really cool, metal stilts while working? Salt of the earth.

The plumber has been here and gone already this morning. Morning people.

See the chair railing in the pic? There is a piece of it on the left…between the 2 doors and I labeled there on the right where some of it used to be. I’m thinking about getting rid of it all together. Whaddayathink?

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7 Responses to 1/26/11 ~ Oldness

  1. missplacedalaskan says:

    Hey Sheri!
    I just wanted to pop in and let you know I am still here…following you. I love what you are doing with your kitchen. I want a pocket door to close off the kitchen to the den…especially when the dishwasher is running! BUT, we are in base housing, so it won’t be happening!

  2. Chrystal says:

    I rather like the chair rails, mom. However, in the kitchen it would probably look better without it. Keep the ones up in the dining room though. 🙂
    Overall I am impressed with the kitchen mess. Um…I mean kitchen progress. I cant wait to see the finished picture. Although after seeing a few of the “during” pics, Im not sure I want to remodel our kitchen. The pics just scream stressful! haha

  3. Melanie says:

    Oldness… lol. I’m so happy for you – being popcorn free has always been a dream of mine. The stuff is EVIL!

    We did watch the State of the Union Address. President Obama said one thing that was mildly surprising (to me), but now I can’t remember what it was. Must not have been earth shattering.

  4. Donna says:

    Hah, when I saw the first mention of grannyvan with the picture, all I saw was the speedometer with that great big 140 on it. I didn’t notice the mileage. =)

    I didn’t watch it, I was busy at the Y.

    Your sheet-rock guy ought to do a splendid job since he has been at it so long and trained under a generational setting of family sheet-rockers.

  5. tressays says:

    The kitchen is coming along! I watched about 20 minutes of the SOTU. We he started talking about the airplane and my engine not fitting he lost me and I told the kids they could watch their movie. Nothing earth shattering it was the same ole stuff. “We need to cut the deficit by investing in (enter government agency here).” Good ole Democrats. Save money by spending it.

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