1/21/11 ~ Relief

I like making decisions, yet then again, I don’t.  What I do like, is the feeling of accomplishment (or is it relief?) when a decision has been made. The process isn’t always a pleasure, but its better than not having a choice at all.

My 12 year old baby was sick through the night, so I’m glad I wrote this list out before all that excitement because my mind is not easily focused today.  He is recovering now.

Granite Countertops – ordered.
St. Cecelia & also on the desk top
Black Beauty for the island
deep beveled edge on all of them
no backsplash

Sink – large single basin, 9″ deep, stainless – ordered.
Faucet – brushed stainless, single handled, with in-line sprayer – ordered.
Replace the garbage disposal

Tile Floor – porcelain that looks like limestone, 21″ square, grout to match, set in brick pattern
Stone Backsplash – 3×6 beveled rectangles, brick pattern

Kitchen Window – St. Cecelia window ledge – ordered.
w/tile wrap-around frame

Utility sink – white enamel w/white cabinet – there is a kit for this whole set-up at Lowe’s.

Lighting –
6 can lights in kitchen + 3 pendant lights over the island – mostly done
4 can lights in old breakfast room area + ceiling fan in center – lights done, ceiling fan later


Pocket door arrived and is going up now.

Sheetrock work and popcorn knock-down is scheduled for first part of next week.  Nice, energetic young man.  We talked about our matching Smith & Wessons.

Granite work is scheduled for later part of next week.  Had coffee w/him and his wife yesterday.  Nice people.

Tile work is scheduled for following week.  We talked about cedar chests and how well the remodel business is doing in the next county over.  Nice young man, reminds me of a guy from high school.

The cabinet maker has been by and he’ll have his work here in about 3 weeks.  We talked about 4-Wheelers.  Nice-looking man – looks like he should have his own HGTV show.

I think its relief. ¸.•*¨`*. ¸.•*¨*.¸¸.•*¨`*•

Last night, I decided to watch Bones….on that black box thingy sitting on the corner of my dresser.  I get a lot of crochet done during commercials.  This episode about the Chanel Handbag murder was lame, so I actually got a lot of crochet done period.  Next week….snipers and more Booth – yay!

Warning!  Lean Cuisine Baked Chicken –  Do Not Attempt!  Blech!

Other than that….ITS A SNOW DAY!  More like an ICE day, but down here, we can’t be too picky.

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3 Responses to 1/21/11 ~ Relief

  1. Dad says:

    You’re doing fine girl……..I may be a little partial there but “Keep Charging daughter”, l can track your progress now……..love you, Dad

  2. Sheri says:

    Hi Dad! Love you, too!

  3. Chrystal says:

    Mom…you crack me up with your S&W and 4-wheeler stories.
    They make me 🙂
    Hi Papa! Love you too!

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