1/20/11 ~ Oh yeah

As I’ve said….the best way to watch TV shows is Netflix streaming: no commercials, 24/7, and instant gratification for the little id corner of my mind. Cozied up with my yarn, hot tea, yarn, and some Bones, I can cruise through 4-5 seasons in a couple months. NOW, I am faced with the dilemma of watching Bones on *gasp* tel-e-vi-sion. Oh the horrors….confined to a time slot and commercials, yucky-yucky commercials.
I watched this season’s episodes on the FOX website and that was abysmal compared to Netflix.
You know what else? I can only watch Bones once a week now. Pbbbtttt. I don’t even know if that government-issued box will show me some Bones, but I guess I’ll find out tonight.

On the kitchen deck for today: the tile man. We need to talk. I have decided that I love tile….all kinds of tile….not that I want to lay tile, that would be work. I’m pretty sure we’re going with the larger, lighter floor tile. (A decision! WooHoo!)

There is something else….oh yeah….my makeshift kitchen in the laundry room has to go away. I’ve already moved the important stuff (the espresso machine to the main bathroom) and Tripp will have to move to the foyer for awhile.

Oh yeah…another something else – a jaunt to the granite store. If it wasn’t so far away, I’d enjoy this trip a lot more, however I do get to look at more granite! Going with black/dark granite for the island. (yay, another decision has been made!)

Oh yeah…another something else for the list:

For the laundry room:
• 2 fluorescent light fixtures
• utility sink, faucet & stand

For the kitchen:
• ceiling fan

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3 Responses to 1/20/11 ~ Oh yeah

  1. Kristy says:

    I totally agree about Netflix instant. I did that same thing with LOST…watched the first 5 seasons on instant during my recover from surgery over a 4 month period or so. And then I was left to watch the last season live on tv. YUCK! For all the reasons you mentioned…tied to their time slot, waiting week-by-week and commercials, commercials, commercials! But I made it through. My youngest son loves BONES.

  2. appliejuice says:

    I have watched all the Bones. I am waiting on Season 6 to be available. What other TV shows do you watch?

    Oh, a coffee maker in the bathroom. Just like in hotels! LOL

    • Sheri says:

      Bones is the only one. I watched all the Angel episodes on Netflix and then started on Bones. I used to watch CSI: Miami, but I guess I’d had enough.
      There is a British, Robin Hood, series that I may start watching…available on Netflix. I think Tanya mentioned that one.

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