It’s the first Monday of 2011….woohoo.

I spent 6 hours at the Honda service department. We (the shop guy, the mechanic, and myself) were looking for the source of the new and unidentifiable sound. I think I deserve a paycheck. Now, I admit that I am not a good waiting room person. Free coffee. Strangers. Germy magazines. Blah coffee. Donuts that might have been touched by strangers. Weird guy…why does the weird guy always sit beside me? More free but blah coffee. Different strangers. And that blasted TV with it’s incessant game show hype, commercial chatter, and the imbecelic drama of soaps. No bon-bon is good enough to sit through that on a daily basis. And when I think I can’t take another moment…. Oprah. If I cussed, I would be at this point. But wait……..it gets worse. ->Jane Fonda<-

I know you are wondering how I made it through. Yarn. iPhone. Earplugs.  ♥ them.

On a good note….I finished a scarf.

Fish tacos at the East End Grill with my Shiny Knight, who rescued me from the dungeon waiting room, and 3 Diet Cokes later….I am all better.

Today was the first day of the 2nd semester for the boys.  They were full of new stories today and things felt normal again.

Well, as I am typing, the Honda guy just called….the mystery noise is coming from the brake calipers.  Alrighty then.

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4 Responses to 1/3/11

  1. Kristy says:

    sounds like a fantastic day. I am sorry…..
    At least they found the problem!

  2. appliejuice says:

    I hate those kinds of waiting rooms. Blah… So what does your scarf look like? I’ll check on Ravelry and see if you posted it.

    I keep seeing fish tacos,but really can’t get my brain around that. Is it good? It just doesn’t seem…right.

    • Sheri says:

      Fish tacos are everywhere, so I had to find out what the fuss was about. It wasn’t really a taco, it was in a flour tortilla, but it was fantastic.

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