2010 Run Down

Tripp born on the 17th.
Lots of activities are cancelled because of winter weather.

Toured the boys’ future school and made the decision.
Winter Blahs.

My 49th birthday
Bought Tripp home at 8 wks of age.
Busy with piano lessons and taekwondo.
Alex gave a missions report to the congregation.
2010 Annual Missions Conference

Boys got their 1st degree black belts in taekwondo.
Homeschool Got Talent with the Levite Vocal School Choir
Had the house sprayed for wasps….a very smart move.

DS 1 turned 14.
Riverboat Cruise with our church family. A lovely evening.
Piano Recital – apparently the last one.
LVS singing at the homeschool graduation.
The big, homeschool, Used Book Sale.
App’t with my very fine looking surgeon.

Hubby’s Birthday month.
My laparascopic gallbladder surgery on the 4th
Both boys went to separate church camps: one to P’cola and the other to Alabama.

Family vacation to see my family w/ a side trip to Silver Dollar City.

DS2 turned 12.
Enroll boys in school.
Church Revival
Its hot – I am hibernating.

Our 20th Anniversary.
Boys first year of private school begins with lots of changes in our lifestyle. School pictures, homework, chapel, homework, football games, homework, progress reports, homework.
Started training at the YMCA – cardio and strength training.
FIL runs under a falling tree and breaks his ankle.

Chrystal and family visit. Lots of fun bee-bopping around Memphis.
First report cards.
Saturday trips into Memphis for the late season farmers market and some downtown fun.

Daylight Savings – yuck!
First school musical program.
DS1 sings solo in church.
Talks with our contractor about kitchen remodeling begin.
Thanksgiving. My sister and her husband travel down here and bring my Dad and his wife. Good times!
Black Friday shopping with my Sis.
Order kitchen appliances.

My piano is paid off.
Busy with Christmas programs for Children’s Choir and Adult Cantata.
Christmas Banquet at church.
Semester Exams
First two week Christmas Break.
Kitchen appliances arrive.
Van breaks down.
Started crocheting again after the concerts were over.

Here’s to a Blessed 2011!

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2 Responses to 2010 Run Down

  1. Elaine says:

    Shouldn’t the title be “2010 Run Down”?

    Sounds like it was over all a good year.

    • Sheri says:

      LOL! Oops! Thank you!

      There is a lot between all the little events. It was an OK year. The fact that it ended with my van broken down makes me glad it is over. The fact that my van broke down in my driveway brings me assurance that God is looking over us.

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