The Weekly LOLs – Nov.3.2010

Yes…..I am gloating.

Lord, thank you, thank you, thank you for giving us an opportunity to straighten up.

Love, love love this headline — Biggest GOP Numbers in the House Since ’46 *
So much for the Republican party driving off into political oblivion, Nancy and B.Hussein. NannyNannyBooBoo!

I’ve already read one article this morning with racist overtones though and I did NOT like that at all. Yes, it was from a liberal bias, which totally figures.

We’re still stuck with BarrrBarrraa “Call Me Senator” Boxer, the eternally obnoxious Barney Fwank, psychobabbler Chuckie Schumer from NY ( i don’t know if his name is spelled correctly and i don’t care), and the unstable Reid of Las Vegas. Has anybody explained to Las Vegasites the difference between the voting machine and the slot machine? Just wondering.

Awwww well…..we still have 2012 to look forward to! And look forward, we must. I think several pseudo-conservatives are probably shaking in their shoes right now. Yes, Corker…I think TN has put you on notice.

Congratulations Speaker of the House Boehner. Do Right, Sir!

A Republican, Mark Kirk takes Obama’s old seat. LOLOLOLOLOLOL! That’s OK, O, we Tennesseans did the same to Gore when he left. Bwahahaaa!

Welcome Honorable Allen West! WooHoo! Also driving a big black Titan truck to DC, I understand.
And Marco Rubio — well done, Florida! No dangling chads this time around!

Oh so many, many more…..I could go on for another 15 minutes or so…..

*•. .•´¯` LOL ´¯`•. .•*

*at least scroll down and check out the cute little cartoon. 🙂

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