Let’s Go Organic…at least until we run out of money.

Have I mentioned that I think our food supply is contaminated and corrupt? Yes? Ok, just making sure.

So, what do we do about it?

#1 Grow your own. Uuuh, no, I hate sweating in a patch of dirt & weeds, surrounded by Arthropoda. Ick.

#2 Move to a freer, cleaner, greener, gentler, country. If you know where that might be, let me know.

#3 Go Organic. Have you priced organic chicken or eggs from chickens that live in a zenful pasture? Oy.

I am definitely in the wrong business. Oh wait….I don’t have a business. Actually, I do….it just doesn’t come w/a paycheck.

Our Saturday trek to the Farmer’s Market was absolutely lovely. Bright, shiny vegetables to please the eye. Natural floral & herby scents to please the nose. Organic meats and chicken to suck the money out of your wallet. I paid about the same for an organic, humanely-raised whole chicken, as a big ole bucket of KFC. The quality of KFC is not the point…we don’t eat there, but come on! A fully prepared bucket of about 3 whole chickens for less than my one little ole organic chic? That is hard to swallow.

So, what do we do about it. I guess #4 could read: Eat Less. Wow, no need to get personal, but actually, we are trying to accomplish that as well.

Right now, I am trying to justify my expenditure for said organic food. It is unnecessary to go obsessive about all things organic. Organic bananas? They come from south of the border and I don’t think “organic” has a meaningful translation anyway. Besides, peel the skin off and you have a nice, clean, piece of fruit. Another means to justify, is to rid my house of processed junk: cereals, granola, snack bars, crackers, heat & eat foods….essentially anything that has been slurried, extruded, and molded into some appealing shape. So for now, I’m looking for that nutritionally sensible approach, balancing physical health with fiscal health.

Hey, I can see the bottom of my wallet from here, but health is priceless, right?

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2 Responses to Let’s Go Organic…at least until we run out of money.

  1. Donna says:

    That sounds crazy expensive for the chicken. I buy a few things with the organic label, but not everything, typically organic carrots and lettuce and sometimes other things.

  2. Applie says:

    Our Farmers Market does not carry organic meats. It doesn’t have much meat at all. Anyhoo, I buy organic apples, carrots, spinach, celery. If anything else is organic, on sale, and is less than extruded appealing shaped food, I’ll buy it.

    We do buy caged, hormone, corn fed, chickens.

    It is so very expensive. 😦

    I hope you are able to keep up with it.

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