How’s it going?

As promised in my last DIET post, a progress report, of sorts.

I can say that the lovely generalized puffiness is gone. It still has its own little cycle and also shows up when I’ve indulged in a little too much salt, but that is normal. Besides, salt-less popcorn — blech! Why bother?

The excess estrogen issue — mmm, without being descriptive…..things seem better. Moods are more consistent, but this is my favorite time of year with sunny days and low humidity and that helps tremendously.

Weight – unfortunately staying very much the same. I told my daughter it was her fault. When she was visiting, we ate a lot of BBQ Ribs and other scrummy things. Some clothes fit better and some don’t. Pressing on.

I’ve been tracking my food and exercise at My Fitness Pal. The database is sufficient, but do watch for the data input by other MyFitnessPal members. There are some inconsistencies and lack of information on some of them. I do appreciate that most of the foods I’ve journaled are already there. I think the calories burned on the exercises are exaggerated. One day I logged 50 minutes on the “elliptical” and it gave me almost 650 calories burned. In my dreams, perhaps. The exercise database does not include the ARC trainer, so I enter that time under “elliptical”. Tracking suits me for now, but I do not see this as a long-term tool….probably an intermittent tool to be used as needed.

My protein powder of choice is GNC Whey Isolate 28 – Chocolate. I wouldn’t say that I’ve tried a lot of them, but I can drink this mixed with water….saving my milk and it’s calories for more important things, like cappuccinos. I drink this after I get home from the Y. Occasionally I will have a little bit as a snack, when I just need something. I have yet to mix it in with my daily oatmeal, but I’m thinking about it.

Supplements – I think I’ll explain more about this later. Right now I’m taking a multi-vitamin, vitamin E (because I have skin issues), and Ubiquinol (a more refined version of CQ10). Before my gallbladder surgery, I took a dose Magnesium Sulfate every night. Most pre-diabetic types and most folks with any belly to speak of, are Mg deficient and some are severely deficient.
A friend of mine has been looking into Vit D and I want to look more into this.
Right now I am really trying to get nutrients in their natural form….from the food that we eat. A challenge given our corrupt and contaminated food supply, I must admit.

One more thought — Read this Book —> This Is Why You’re Fat. This is a book I would love to buy for people….but, well with a title like that….just imagine.

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