Things I Never Heard While Homeschooling

As we transition from homeschooling to traditional schooling, I’ve been monitoring my children for all kinds of changes and signs; hanging on to each tidbit of conversation and scrutinizing their body language and nuances. In other words, watching them like a hawk for signs of post traumatic stress. I mean, they are out of my sight for 8+ hours a day and in the care of other adults and in association with peers. “Peers” = “Peer pressure” Ack! What a dreaded word for homeschooling parents….ranks right up there with “socialization”.

To my relief, I see nothing (OK, there were the tears over spelling and quizzes, but that’s not necessarily a new thing.) other than sheer excitement, as they talk nonstop for an hour or two or three, after I pick them up! It is a very happy reunion: the three of us, back together again, just like the good old days.

Other than witnessing unbridled joy, I’ve heard a few things that I never heard during our homeschooling days.

    “I can use a calculator?! Yippeeeeee!”

    “Cool! We get student planners.”

    “Stupid student planner! I got 2 demerits because of that thing because I left it in my locker!”

    “Duh-merits” “D’merts”

    “I love history! I hope we get history homework tomorrow.”

    “I don’t want to get a homework offense already.”

    Concerning grammar, “Mom, I’m gonna need your help on part A. I’m doing part B already and I’m pretty good at it…I think.”

    “Mom, guess what somebody said in the locker room?”

    “Mom, some kid I don’t even know was eating my lunch!”

Our first full week is finished. I can’t say its been easy: long evenings filled with homework, getting up and out of the house by 7am, trying to remember a gazillion rules, and worrying about messing up the Pick-Up/Drop-Off lines. I am very thankful it is Friday, but mostly, I am thankful that my boys are happy and embracing this new path.

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  1. seeker86 says:

    Glad you all had a good first week.

  2. tressays says:

    I am so glad that it is going well!

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