The Weekly LOLs #54 Asks You…

How do you react when “politics” come up?

  • Run and hide.
  • Create a diversion.
  • Raise the palm and proclaim, “Daaahling, I don’t dirty my hands with politics”.
  • Roll up your sleeves and grin.

If you fall into the first three categories, then #1 you probably don’t read my LOLs anyway and #2 — that is exactly how your BIG Government wants you to react.  Run from it now….run from BG later, when they totally own you.

Oh, but the problem is too big, America is too far gone.  Perhaps.  It is a sad reality that the American citizen is the underdog and it has been that way for far too long.

It is not a big stretch of the imagination to figure that I vote Republican more often than not.  10 Quick Reasons Why I Don’t Vote Democrat….

  1. There is no apparent moral compass -the party is anti-God and pro-abortion to the extreme.  They don’t even know when life starts….duh.
  2. They tax too much and spend too much.
  3. They luxuriate on tax dollars. (a common pitfall of many a politician, yes)
  4. They build behemoth government.
  5. Subsidies
  6. Entitlements
  7. Control freaks that are the first to scream when a conservative says, ‘children shouldn’t be allowed to view porn at the public library’.  Instead they want us to use crappy CFLs and ban the salt shaker from the kitchen table.
  8. Obamacare – do we know whats in it yet?  Nope.
  9. Military?  We haz a military?
  10. That stinking liberal elitist attitude that I am a stupid member of the chattering class.  Grates on my nerve like nothing else.

Glad I got that out.  So when it comes time to vote (November 2nd) remember what you are voting for or against.

Did you vote in your primary?

Why or why not?  Primaries are vital….you have more say-so as to who your candidates will be for the general election.  The Republican party is notorious for sending up 2nd and 3rd rate candidates for the general elections, (McCain? Really?).

Do you vote in your local elections?

I may be wrong, but party affiliation is not so significant at the local level, more so at the state level, and obviously so at the federal level.  Do your civic homework!  Its a pain in the butt to figure out whether to Retain or Replace a judge, I agree.  The vote usually comes down to a 70/30 split anyway, but at least you know what you are voting for or against.

Is your school board candidate homeschool-friendly?  Do they support vouchers? Support “diversity”  indoctrination of Kindergarteners?

Does your city/county council member have a history of DUI and rehab?

Millions of dollars missing from the city budget?  Federal grant money for that new section of highway, gone.  Do you think Mr. Incumbent might know a little about that?

And what about all those clerks with their cushy 6-figure pay?  Are they worthy?  Oy!  Makes my head spin sometime.

Don’t hesitate to get help!  Ever heard of a Civics Club?  Does your city or county have a Republican, Democrat (if you must), Tea Party,  or Independent organization?  I bet it does.  Find where they meet.  Look them up on FB or Twitter.

Soooo……..if you are….

Tired of the Democrat party’s toxic liberal philosophy, running up your tax bill, and keeping entitlements at an unsustainable level?


Tired of the Republican party not living up to their conservative campaign promises, running up your tax bill, and keeping entitlements at an unsustainable level?

Roll Up Your Sleeves!  and don’t forget to SMILE.

Interesting and short article from CATO — Two GOPs

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2 Responses to The Weekly LOLs #54 Asks You…

  1. tressays says:

    I did vote in my primary. WA is a very heavy democrat state, but my Senator Patty Murray should be very nervous come this Nov. However, they Rep. guy that I wanted to run against her didn’t make it through the primary. The Rep. guy that did win is “meh”. Just because they say they are Repubs. doesn’t always mean that they are.

    • Sheri says:

      My picks in the primaries usually don’t make it either. Then we get stuck with “meh” and that seems to be the republicans motto….the party of meh. Lol!

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