My nosy friend, Chocolatechic, asks about favorite fast food & restaurant meals.

This is something I know a little bit about.  Food, eating, burgers….you get the idea.

Cheeseburgers are king in this household….fast food, back yard, or chop house.  One of our finer chop houses has a Friday lunch burger special…grinding up the week’s steaks into big burgers.  This is on our to-do list – their steaks are wonderful, so I’m sure the burgers are prima.

Favorite Fast Food Burger — which is probably my Favorite Fast Meal period.

Meet TOPS Bar-B-Q, serving up pulled pork and burgers for over 50 years.  Skip the bbq and go for the burgers.  They are big, simple, and juicy, and big, simple, and juicy. Perfect! Don’t be putting anything weird on my burgers, man.  No pine nuts,  no aioli, and absolutely nothing from the sea;  thank you very much.  Ok, I might try it with a little aioli….like on the side…as a dipping sauce.

Fortunately, we have more than one local burger joint with ‘done right’ burgers.  JT”s Burgers and Wings is just across the highway from church.  How very convenient!  I think The Hub prefers JTs to TOPS and he is certainly entitled to his opinion -right?  😉  Love Urbanspoon, btw.

We have also been known to drive across town to the Steak & Shake.  “Wisconsin Buttery Steakburger”  Hello!  Butter!  Steak!  and those fantastic Skinny Fries!

More of my wish-list places I want to eat:

Now, if you have read this far, I will share a secret with you –> where you can find THE absolute best burger in the universe <– Ready?  Alaska.  Yes, Alaska.

The Monderosa Bar and Grill of Nenana, AK — home of the Mondo Burger.  Now you know.  Best make a pig of yourself while you are there, because it was a long trip!

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6 Responses to Burgers

  1. Buttery burger???

    Paula Deen has a recipe that she takes half a stick of butter and dices it, then puts it back in the fridge. She mixes up her burger, then lightly stirs in the butter. Shapes it, fridge, then on the grill.

    I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m gonna.

  2. Elaine says:

    I’ve been to that restaurant in Nenana! Back in May of 2000 and yeah the food was VERY good. I guess if I ever get to TN you’ll have to take me to these places so that I can make up my own mind!

  3. Melanie says:

    Oh, OH! The Mondo Burger! I LOVE THE MONDO BURGER! The Man and I used to sneak down to Nenana (we weren’t allowed to leave town, so every trip was thrilling LOL) all the time for that burger. Once we ended up driving back to Fairbanks in a blizzard – we were afraid we wouldn’t make it back (this was before the cell phone age). We soothed our nerves with bravado, joking that at least we’d die full and happy. LOL Obviously we survived – we only got stuck once. 🙂

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