The Weekly LOLs #53

Health Care, Oil Spills and Illegals…..oh my…..nothing has changed for the better since my last LOL. Nothing has changed for the better since the last election.

Still waiting to see what’s in that new health care bill? Since “we” (not to be confused with WE or We The People) had to pass it first and then find out what is in it, let’s take a peek.

Here’s your sign ➡

The epitome of government bureaucracy, the grandaddy of all quagmires, creme de la crap, King Ponzi! ……an abomination.

How many of you voted for Obama to get “FREE” health care? What? Speak Up! I can’t hear you over the crickets?

*•. .•´¯

Still waiting to see if the oil leak is fixed? NASA’s July 28th photo ➡

Check out NASA’s Earth Observatory for more on the oil spill and more of a whole lotta other earth things.

FOX’s running article on the spill – Day 105 and Counting…

CNN has an interactive map.  The first map shows the closed fishing areas.  Make sure to clip on “composite views”.

*•. .•´¯

Still waiting to see if the Federal Government will secure our southern borders? It is obvious “they” (the unholy alliance of Stalin, Nero, and the Gestapo –oops, sorry– I meant, Obama, Holder and the ACLU, aided and abetted by a Clintonista judicial activist) are more interested in suing Arizona than actually protecting America. ➡

*•. .•´¯` not really LOLing ´¯`•. .•*

Oh….that first chart up there….the abomination — that represents about one-third of the actual beast, says the guys who made the chart (Rep Brady and Sen Brownback). I guess they don’t want to scare us too much and show us the full-blown monstrosity. Be Afraid……

900 Days — until BHO exits the WH.

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