Memphis Chicken

After my Memphis Rib post, I thought it only appropriate to title this post, Memphis Chicken….’cuz that’s what I’m talking about.

Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken

Nice little bit of history on that page but I’m not sure I’d fly anywhere just for dinner…..nevertheless, this is amazing chicken.  Spicy but not too much and so, so, very juicy and tender and not the least bit greasy. Make sure you note that “spicy” part. Wow, Yum! One bite and your tongue is happy dancin’!

Gus’s of downtown Memphis is said to be “unpretentious” with its just-off-the-hub location and vinyl checkered tablecloths. I was thinking it is more like “a dump”, but it does have a certain old, worn-out, charm to it. The menu is simple….they serve chicken, two appetizers (fgt’s or fried pickles) and a few sides. The molded (not ‘moldy’) ceiling was painted some interesting pale green color. The walls are old industrial white tile, covered with beer signs, neon lights and other such stuff. My chair had two big holes in it. The a/c is a big tube with holes in it, bracketed to the ceiling, that runs down the center of the room. I sat us close to one of those holes. But I tell you what….Gus’s tables were clean and so was my holey chair. Everything is served in or on disposables.
Gus’s is not a large place. I could see into the kitchen, into the pantry, the men’s room, and out the front door. lol The kitchen is immediately off the dining area and the cook yells at the waitress when her order is up. If your waitress isn’t paying attention, then someone comes thru the rickety front door, grabs your food from the kitchen and delivers it with a smile. I dunno, but once I took a bite of that chicken, I didn’t care.
Gus's WFF Chicken
I like Gus’s.

Our Reviews:
Bear had a plate of wings with fries and fried rice – loved the wings, loved the fries. He is requesting a monthly Gus’s holiday.
Bull had the tenders plate with fries and beans – he liked his meal, but the chicken was spicier than he prefers. Loved the fries.
Daddy loved it all. All 4 pieces.
Me – loved the chicken, slaw was decent, fried rice was so-so and way to salty.

They have homemade pies, too. Next time, I will not eat all my chicken (yeah, right) and save some room for a piece of chess pie or maybe coconut pie or maybe a Jamaica-me-crazy brownie.

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