The Big Kitchen Remodel – the thinking stage.

Phase I — think about it. This is where we are right now. Thinking, rethinking, and changing our minds, a LOT.

A little kitchen history: This house was built in the mid-70s by Aunt Francis and her ex-communicated priest/husband, Uncle Joe, aka The Priest. Not sure what the story is on that, but I bet it was good. Aunt Francis was a cook extraordinaire and apparently quite the Julia Child fan. Do you know Julia’s flame orange LeCreuset French Oven? I found one in the attic.  Despite its age and obvious years of heavy use, I adore it. Sadly, I cannot say the same for the rest of the kitchen.

Not much has changed here in the past 30 years.
• The cooktop is the original 45″ stainless steel Thermador with a grill/griddle in the center.   The griddle was warped and flaking off some metallic chunks, so I chucked it.  The big burner is spent and we haven’t bothered to replace it (something about the ridiculous $200 price tag).
• The behemoth of a ventihood is an old Broan. It has one speed – loud and mostly effective. This thing is an eyesore and I would love to get rid of this overhead ventilation system all together.
• To the left you see my Masterpiece Self-Cleaning double wall oven by Thermador. I am sure they were tip-top of the line in their day, but don’t get too excited. These babies are all of 24″ wide on the outside and the top oven just blew it’s 2nd coil. I’m not replacing it again. I have no idea how long the clock hasn’t work and the replacement part is no longer made…so no timer and no self-cleaning either.
My aged cooking appliances need replaced and the ventihood has got to go. It sucks up what little light this kitchen has to offer and blocks my only kitchen window.  You may have noticed that the pictures are a wee bit overexposed….otherwise you wouldn’t see much of the dark kitchen.

So, Phase I is replacing the cooking top, ovens, and ventihood. The island counter will have to be redone….there is a whopping 45″ hole in that thing!

High-end appliances do not appeal to me. I am not a Julia Child kind of cook and I have other things to spend our money on besides a fancy heat source that doesn’t whip up a meal by itself.   I am going with GE. Why GE?

  1. Highly rated by Consumer Reports and various online customer reviews.
  2. We had GE Profile appliances in our Florida home that we bought while stationed at Eglin AFB. That is still my favorite home and I was quite happy with my GE stuff.

I wonder if the golfcart people know they’ve been google mapped?

Cooktop will be replaced with a GE Profile 36″ Induction Cooktop – black, frameless and very cool looking.
The behemoth will be replaced with a telescopic downdraft or a 36″ GE Profile Island hood. This hood is about half the size of the behemoth, so I can probably live with it. Still thinking this through.
The wall oven will be moved to this corner and replaced with this lovely GE Profile 30″ Single/Double Convection oven.

The island counter top will be a brownish quartzy type and I will probably paint the island cabinets a warm, creamy white that will blend with my lovely, buttercream, breakfast room and dining room walls.
The old wall oven space will be converted to a pantry with pull-out drawers or some such fun, organizational type, do-hickey. I’ll figure out the doors later.
Sooner or later, the remaining cabinets will need to be spiffed up some how. Right now I am thinking, resurfacing. They are a beautiful cherry wood, in excellent shape, and better than what we can afford to replace them with, so the cabinets stay. The first step is to apply a little TSP to them and see how much that improves their appearance.

Cons to this plan:
Rewiring a 220 for the new wall oven. Mr. Electrician can fix that plug that doesn’t work on that wall, too!
Ductwork if going with the telescopic downdraft and getting rid of old ductwork that is vented through the roof.
Probably some repair work on the ceiling around the current hood. Did I mention we have popcorn on our ceiling. Horrible, hideous, useless stuff. Can’t convince the husband that the popcorn needs to go. Anybody know of a good way to cover that stuff up? Would tin ceiling panels work?

So, that is Phase I, fwiw.

What’s Phase II? Well, more or less, it consists of:
Knocking down a wall….woohoo….and moving refrigerator so that I can see into my lovely breakfast room and out my lovely windows! Let the sunshine in!! (ssshh, don’t tell my husband – yet!)
New counter for the rest of the kitchen.
New flooring.
Strip the wallpaper and paint.

If it weren’t for the fact that my cooking appliances are on their death bed, I’d rather do Phase II first. But then again, I haven’t convinced DH that the wall blocking my sunshine needs to come down. So, on with Phase I it is.

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13 Responses to The Big Kitchen Remodel – the thinking stage.

  1. Donna says:

    You really have a nice kitchen. =) I like the appliances that you have picked out. I don’t know which vent I would choose. lol. My new vent cost around 60.00. It’s just a plain jane that replaced a $200 vent which didn’t last as long as it should have. That’s not relevant though. =)

    Why paint the island? Does it not match the cabinets? If it does, then why paint them?? Just asking.

    Will you have a a new cabinet built for your new built in oven? I know that is a dumb question because those ovens do not float.

    I have the same problem – an OLD 24 inch oven. Mine still does its most basic function – it bakes, but the light, the clock, and any other fancy-ness it once had, does not work. The choices are small for replacing a 24 inch oven. I found TWO a few months ago, just 2. They are very basic ovens, one is gas, one is electric. just 2.

    I don’t like popcorn ceilings either. To get rid of them, they have to be scraped off and refinished. Probably a job best hired out. I don’t know if they can just be covered by tin. I think there would still be some scraping involved either way. Tin is $$$$ unless the source I look at occasionally is overpriced.

    • Sheri says:

      I love your comments and I would like one of those floating ovens.

      My choices for hoods are rather limited, since it goes over an island. When you look down our hallway, into the kitchen, you see a big ventihood and the backs of my barstools. :/

      All the cabinets match. I am thinking of ways to brighten up the whole room. I also like the kitchen pictures when some of the cabinets don’t match. But then, the cabinet that will be built for the new oven may not match. I just checked and the original company no longer makes our cabinet design. I did find one at Lowe’s that is close…its a rather traditional design, so it shouldn’t be hard to find something very similar. I like the little doorknobs though…they have “patina”.

      I haven’t looked at the price of tin, but there is some nice tin look-alike stuff. I am actually thinking the fake tin will be a backsplash some day. Nor have I looked at how much it would cost to have our popcorn removed. I just watched a video on removing the ‘corn and the first thing is to check it for asbestos. Oy.

  2. Donna says:

    My mother’s stove top has no hood. It’s not an island, but it is like an island. It is a long base cabinet that projects into the room and it divides the kitchen from the dining room. She pondered if she should get a hood. Like you, she didn’t care for the view blockage. They built the house around 17 years ago and she still doesn’t have a hood over her stove top. She still wonders if she should buy a hood. I think she even shops for one now and then. lol

    I wonder how reliable those pop up vents are [like the one you have picked]? I’ve always liked those, along with TV’s that can rise up out of its cabinet. Out of curiosity of how to clean them, I read up on the downdraft type. It has special recommendation relating to the temperature of the eyes and a cooking ‘job’ that requires a constant hot temperature. Apparently, on high, the vent can reduce the eye temperature enough to make some things not boil or get hot enough. If canning with a boiling water bath, for instance, they recommend using the low setting for the vent.

    Both of the hoods that you’ve picked are nice looking.

    • Sheri says:

      I have thought about not putting in a vent at all. I can see my future with that in your mother! LOL. About the only time I use the venti is when I am using the grill. I’m not getting a cooktop with a grill, so do I really need a vent?

      I like popup things. Years ago, I test drove a Volvo when we lived in Germany and the GPS popped up through the top of the dashboard. I just about bought the car right then and there!

  3. Michelle says:

    I like your kitchen. I like your plans better. 🙂 I love the stove top (without the pop-up vent). We have an island and we do not have a vent. If you get your ovens to do the floating thing, let me know. I’d like to see that.

    Sir Husband did all of our remodeling of the kitchen. He also got rid of the popcorn and did the knock-down ceiling. He does a pretty good job of it. You have the same cabinet doors that we have in our kitchen. 🙂

    • Sheri says:

      You hubby has more handyman in his little finger than my husband and I combined! You are blessed! I am dreading the whole popcorn thing.

  4. Dave oven repairs man says:

    You have a lovely kitchen, I wish I had one like that to change, so that I could change my mind and keep it. That said, I do see and understand all your points and agree that extractor needs to go, more light is needed.

  5. Chrystal says:

    Ill popcorn with ya! Feel free to put me to work when we come down next month (I really had fun saying that just now…NEXT MONTH! lol)
    Ill help you do whatever if you promise to feed me memphis ribs and fried chicken as payment. 🙂

  6. Chrystal says:

    I dont remember there being any palms in the front yard… It looks good. I miss everything except the backyard with that house.

  7. Chrystal says:

    Sorta remember the trees. Weren’t they in the back though?
    Tobby likes the hood…btw. He says its a more classic look. But if you go with the downdraft, a nice pot rack would look really nice above the cooktop. 🙂

    • Sheri says:

      Pot racks are not for short people that love heavy pots. Lol.
      I’m fairly settled on the overhead hood. I’ve decided that my style of cooking requires a good vent. “honey what are you burning for dinner — smells delicious”.

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