Memphis Ribs

What is so special about them? That question can only be answered by oneself, after you’ve had your mouthful of fall-off-the-bone – done-right Memphis ribs.

rendezvous This is the famous Rendezvous in downtown Memphis. I ate here for the first time this passed week. My husband, the born and bred Memphian has been on numerous occasions. It is fun, it is hip, it is in a downtown alley, it is not the best ribs in Memphis.

Sheri’s Absolute Rules when it comes to Memphis ribs:

  • There must be fire & smoke; anything less just ain’t right.
  • They must be pork, preferably baby back. Texas and KC can keep their beef.
  • There has to be some spice and that is where the rib rub comes in. Now there are some rebels out there that use a brine or a marinade and some will brine and rub. For the record, I am a dry rub girl at home…brining and all that is too much work.

Just 3 rules…..see how easy this is? Some day I will post our bbq rib process, but not today. Today was a burger day.

My current favorite rub: Dancing Pigs I have yet to eat here. To be honest, I didn’t know they had a restaurant; I thought they just sold rub & sauce. So, see how much I know about my blogging topic? I often make up my own rib rub, but I don’t have a recipe….it’s a little of this and a little of that kind of thing.

This is my favorite local rib shack, but they do not get an “A” for consistency. When they are on their game, they are totally yum ♥ can I have some mo’, please ma’am! The Pig-n-Whistle is not a bonafide shack, plus they serve up some fine cat and tender brisket, as well. The building itself has been around a long while and was at one time a general store. The railroad tracks are just off to the right and still in use. This place is definitely off the beaten path and I adore that.

Now, this, on the other hand….is a bonafide shack. I have no idear how the ribs are, but I hear the crack is pretty good.

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  1. Tressa says:

    I prefer pork ribs too. We love ribs at our house, but I haven’t found the perfect recipe yet. I will await yours.

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