The Weekly LOLs #50

FIFTY is a be-you-ti-ful number. 50 LOLs — whodathunkit.
I remember when I was 40 and a dear friend of mine turned 50. It was like a horrific realization for me….Gasp! I have a 50 year old friend! Ooooh, how did this happen?! Now, I have several 50 and up friends and I am very glad to have them and I will be glad to join their ranks….next year.

So, what should we LOL about today?

The question in my head this week, other than “Has this country gone completely heathen?”, is “What has Obama done for me?”

Given me welfare for life?  Nope.

How about free, I said FREE health care?  Nope.

Accessible and transparent gubmint?  Oops, excuse me, didn’t mean to spew mah coffee at ya.

Reigned in our uber-evil capitalistic economy?  Let’s not go there.

Bought me a clunker?  Nah, still clunkin’ around here..

A refrigerator?  Solar panels?  Light bulbs?  Nothing! No Thing!

Did you know there is a wiki on “nothing”? Wow, somebody must have been really bored.  Here it is, if you need a daily dose of psychobabbly. (As opposed to my plainbabbly.)

What Has Obama Done for You?

  • Made phrases like WAKE UP, AMERICA and Unbelievable! all the rage.
  • Economically stimulated the Weapons & Ammo Industry and Talk Radio.
  • Black Panthers now like to vote and vote and vote again.
  • Minimized Clinton machine politics. (Aha! I found one good thing)
  • Thousands of Americans now know where their birth certificate is.
  • Ruined Spidey colors. Grrrrr
  • I know…..kinda sad, isn’t it.

    Happy 50, Y’all!

    935 Days

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2 Responses to The Weekly LOLs #50

  1. Donna says:

    I’m 50! Your cup runneth over. lol

  2. Elaine says:

    I did check out that WIKI page…got as far as the logic part and just gave up….someone had too much time on their hands. 🙄

    The other good thing is how the gun industry has been sustained but unfortunately if the LEFT has its way that will be short lived since they just want to put them all out of business and allow the criminals to take over – and they’re doing a very good job of just that.

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