Sharia here and there.

I ran across an article about the bailed out company, AiG, and it’s sharia-compliant subsidiaries. Knowing generally what sharia law is, I’d like to know what it’s doing in my government. Read article here. At first, I’m thinking, Oh, surely this is just some simpleton’s conspiracy theory. After reading, it sounds more like actual, past-tense and on-going events to me, but you decide and let me know what you think.

Just to be clear, sharia law is one of the fun-da-men-tals of Islam. It is the legal and political code of conduct and order, originating from the Quran and the recorded life events of their prophet, Muhammad. Islam has no problem with separation of church and state…..there isn’t any. Islam is the religion. Allah is their god. Muslim is the person who follows or submits to allah/Islam.

AiG is pretty much gov’t owned, so why are we, the U.S., founded on biblical principles, dabbling in sharia law? Now, to me, the whole bailout thing, whether it is AiG, GM or BP (oh wait, that hasn’t happened yet) stinks through and through. The proclaimed motives for the bailouts and takeovers seem extremely superficial to me. Where there is smoke, there is fire and where there is stench there is rot. Have you ever driven through the stockyards? The gut-wrenching stench gets worse & worse, the longer you are near it.

Speaking of stockyards (badumbump)…..Here’s something else I’ve seen only recently. “Halal” Ok, now what is this all about? Well, Hala-‘l Badr is a volcano in Saudi Arabia, and one of the contested locations of Moses’ Mt. Sinai. I know, interesting, but that’s not what I’m talking about. Halal means anything that is permissible to or for a Muslim, whether it be food, cosmetics, financial management, or a way of life. Zabiha is the term specific to meat and poultry. It is their ritual slaughter of livestock that must be done in accordance with sharia law. The process isn’t entirely unlike the Jewish kosher laws. Interestingly enough, Kosher is considered OK for a Muslim and neither will eat pork. That’s OK, leave the bacon for us infidels.

Here’s part one of my question… “halal” is my hamburger? According to which version a Muslim follows (there are so many variables, it is amazing)….to be considered truly halal, the butcher must say “Bismillah Allah-u-Akbar” (“In the name of god, god is most great”). Does that make my halal hamburger dedicated to allah? In a Muslim’s opinion, it does.

Second part of my question: Do I, as a Christian, eat halalburgers? My gut reaction is an explicit “No, its repugnant and I don’t want my earned income to go towards “that”! But, what does God say about this? Read 1 Corinthians 8 and I’ll wait right here.

Paul writes, ‘Yes, I may eat my halalburger’ because I know the One True God, Creator and Savior and I belong to Him.(v.4,5,6) He is not offended by meat offered at the altar of any idol; allah, Mary, or the almighty dollar.(v.4) Offering anything to an idol is futile and meaningless because the idol is not real – meaningless. Taking meat offered to an idol makes no difference to me, as a Christian: “for neither, if we eat, are we the better; neither, if we eat not, are we the worse.” (v.8)

But, what about being a stumblingblock, not to Muslims or Jews for that matter, but to my brethren, my church family, my Christian friends?(v.9) If I were dining w/Jewish friends, I would not dig into a mess of Memphis BBQ ribs, as a courtesy to them. If I had a Muslim friend, I would extend the same courtesy. But, this part of the passage is speaking about ‘my brethren’. I am not to be a stumbling block to them. If they can’t understand that the offering is worthless and meaningless, am I to help them understand? I think so….sanctification & edification of the saints and all. If they can’t understand, then am I to abstain from halalburgers? If it would lead them to sin, to take part in the meat offerings (because in their mind, the offering is still meaningful) then Yes, I think so.(v.13)

The internet brings information and news to feed our brains upon, at the blink of an eye. We are suddenly aware of things that have been here all along. I think it is safe to say that sharia law and sharia-compliant practices have not always been here. So, a little sharia here and a little sharia there, what could possibly be the harm? Ask an alcoholic if there was any harm in that first little drinky-poo and the ones here and there?
Where is this multicultural path going for America? When do we say, enough?

A little here and a little there, grows, and it is not good for us.

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