The Weekly LOLs #45

Why would anyone vote for Arizona’s SB1070?
Here’s how Senator Sylvia Allen from AZ puts it: I want to explain SB 1070 for which I voted yes.

Here’s how known agitator, Al Sharpton puts it: Sharpie and the Sheriff
It is another YouTube and if you don’t want to watch it, I don’t blame you. I can sum up Al’s point of view rather quickly –> ‘It’s racist. It’s racist. It’s racist. Oh and it’s against the Constitution.’
I don’t think he knows what The Constitution is, but that hardly keeps a big mouth like him from bringing it up.

Here’s what the Governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer, thinks:

Fret not, my fellow Americans…..because our Child in Chief will NOT REST….

Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids.

How many more days? Ugh. 985 Too Many.

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2 Responses to The Weekly LOLs #45

  1. Donna says:

    Obama the mocker takes a cheap shot, again.

  2. Elaine says:

    Going to watch these at church and then will comment further. Pretty sure that I’ll be in agreement with you and Donna though 🙂

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