The Weekly LOLs #43

Last time I wrote a little about some demonstrating by Americans in Quincy, Illinois; some of them known as Tea Party members, others simply call themselves Patriots.  The Quincians had a permit, followed the rules, minded the Secret Service guy, and didn’t trash the place.

Linked is Michelle Malkin’s write-up about the May Day protests supporting illegal immigration and the denigration of American sovereignty.  Pictures say a lot.

There are several videos on YouTube (because you can’t find this stuff on the mainstream) showing the protests and vandalism.  The vids of the Santa Cruz protest, advertised as a rave party, no less, are particularly telling. Here is a local Santa Cruz news report. Take a minute to note the difference in these protests and those of any Tea Party party.

I’m sure you’ve seen the obnoxious child in the checkout line, that gets everyone’s attention….but their mother’s? Years go by. Obnoxious child is now the rebellious & uncontrollable teen. Mom stands amazed, “how did this happen?” Bad things happen when little problems are ignored. Illegal immigration = bad thing and now that ‘mother’ is dealing with it, it’s not pretty. That doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be dealt with.

Obama called Arizona’s action “irresponsible” and that it threatened “the basic notion of fairness that we cherish as Americans.” Fairness? Irresponsible? LOL! I’m sorry, that is just a ridiculous and terribly uninformed thing to say.

  • Is it fair that illegals suck up welfare money, WIC, food stamps, and get free health care?
  • Is it fair that they don’t pay taxes on their income earned on our soil?
  • Is it fair that they commit crimes without justice?
  • Is it fair that a pregnant illegal births a child within our borders and suddenly the whole family is welcome for life?
  • Is it fair that the United States has had this same similar law and not enforced it for like the last 70 years?

Is that FAIR?

  • Is it not irresponsible for a president to criticize a sovereign state, for acting sovereign?
  • Is it not irresponsible for a president to be so ignorant of the law?

I scrutinized the Obama voting record as a Senator, followed his executive orders, watched him push and push and push his ideaology — he does NOT cherish the same things I do.

Not fair that we have 992 more Days of Bozo

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  1. Slamdunk says:

    Good post. It is a shame the mainstream media is not pursuing these topics with a balanced approach.

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