Blizzard Food

Oh! Look what is coming our way! Winter fun! Happy Days!  BAH, who am I kidding? It is going to be a horrible, icy, windy event. The kind of thing that shuts down the south, ya know. We don’t like this stuff. We don’t spend millions of dollars on fancy winter weather equipment. Hey, we don’t even build our houses to tolerate these conditions. Frozen pipes, iced and breaking trees, downed power lines, and 1 million people that are clueless about driving on snow and ice. Oh the joys of yuck weather in the south. *sigh*

What do southerners stock up on when a storm approaches?  Apparently, we buy a lot of beer and PopTarts.  True southerners will also have a couple cans of beans in their cart.  I saw proof of this at the Kroger this afternoon.  Sure’nuf.  We’re more of the Diet Coke, SnackPak pudding, and Doritos variety.  psssst – Cheeseburger Doritos – who knew!?

Do you have a must-have blizzard food?

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8 Responses to Blizzard Food

  1. Donna says:

    On this side of TN we stock up on bread and milk, at least in the past we did. They’d be sold out of those items at wintry weather rumors. I’ve never tasted a beer, but I’m a genuine multi-generational southerner, on the other hand, that doesn’t mean other southerners don’t drink. lol I should go to the store tonight and take note of what’s hot during ice warnings now-a-days.

    Cheeseburger Doritos??? I will have to see if they have those here.

    • Sheri says:

      There was a petite, older woman in front of me and she didn’t have any beer either. She did, however, have about a dozen loves of bread.

      I only picked up one gallon of milk today — to add to the 2 gallons already in the frig. 😉

    • Donna says:

      The older lady must be from the pre-beer-for-ice-storms generation. lol

      I’m back from the store, there wasn’t enough people there to get an idea, however; the bread isle was looking bare. I got two loaves, one for David and one for Holly. lol And a lot of lunch meat.

      I guess you all are all fixed up and ready with yur 3 gallons of milk!!! =)

      Oh – a sad note, no cheeseburger Doritos at the bi-lo here. But the Doritos are buy 1 get 1 free, so I got John, David and Holly some. =D

  2. appliejuice says:

    Here in Florida when a hurricane is coming our way, we stock up on all the refrigerated items, like eggs, milk, cheese, beer. All those things you need when the electricity goes out for days. Of course, the beer and other sorted drinks are consumed just before and during the hurricane.

    Cheeseburger Doritos sound disgusting. LOL

  3. Hot chocolate, cinnamon rolls, potatoes, all manor of comfort food.q

  4. Elaine says:

    Blizzards are very rare where I live so I have no idea what people tend to stock up on. However, last year when we were just waiting for the volcano water was flying off the shelves as were masks and fuel, oil and air filters.

    I try to always have plenty of canned good, milk, bread, crackers and some fresh fruit and veggies as needed. Chocolate is also important. We also try to make sure we have all our gas can full, diesel for the space heater (just in case it’s needed) and propane tanks full so we can use the grill.

  5. seeker86 says:

    Hope all is well over there and you made it through the blizzards okay.

    We stock up on nonperishable food, water, Gatorade and either tea or coke to get us through the days without electricity and no coffee:p We don’t usually have this in the house but we get pop tarts during the hurricanes too. I’m more southern than I thought LOL. It comforts the girls for some reason. We also get soup and stuff for PB and J sandwiches. I’ve lost everything in the fridge a couple of times I don’t usually stock up on anything that goes in there.

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