The Weekly LOLs #37

There is a Facebook group called “Take Down the Barack Obama Statue in Taman Menteng Park”.
Well, Mrs LOL, pretell, where is Menteng Park?
Glad you asked!
Its in Indonesia, of course…..mere blocks from where he may (or may not – who really knows?) have gone to elementary school.


The Hopenchangen Bash, oops, I mean the Copenhagen Climate Summit cost us $1.1 Million. CBS surprisingly reported on this …those disobedient little tattletales. Queen Nancy apparently didn’t deem their investigation worthy of a response. Ouch.


It’s Circle Time, Boys and Girls!

Only thing missing is the dunce cap.


State of the Union address tonite at 8pm my time. I’m sitting on the edge of my seat to see how many times he says “I“.

I can’t wait to see how Spender-In-Chief is going to try to relate to me tonite. He laughs at truck-driving Mr. Browns and wants me to view him as a “populist”. Populist being the latest buzz word being used by the mostly irrelevant media to describe their messiah. Puhleez – also a good P word. Pain – also a good P word. However, if O tells me that he “feels my pain” I will probably pee-pee all over myself.

Quite frankly, I’m not even interested in what he thinks the state of the union is. I think 10% unemployment speaks volumes enough. I think banks that are too afraid to loan money, speaks volumes. I think failing schools across the nation, speaks volumes. I think the fact that we have generational welfare families, speaks volumes. I think the fact that the leader of our military is clueless on national defense nor able to use the military effectively, speaks volumes. I think that because one of our major political parties is made up almost entirely of lawyers, speaks volumes. I think that the amount of vacant space in strip malls, speaks volumes. Volumes, says I.


1088 Days Left

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