The Weekly LOL #33

I must confess that we have been singing instead of LOLing.  That doesn’t mean that I’ve been ignoring the current state of affairs in America….I mean who can possibly ignore ALL THAT?!  God says to praise Him in the good times and in the bad times and I’m taking His advice.  God is still on His throne, Amen!


How about that Health Care bill passed in the totally partisan House by an extremely narrow margin — 2 votes, to be exact?  “Experts” say that this will push the Medicaid population to over 20%.  Want to see how your state adds up?  Check out this map….it’s large and printable so you can share with all your friends. This is the slippery slope of Democracy aka mob rule. The mob just happens to be voting the public coffers into their pockets.


Here’s another Obamama Administration Fun Fact. 75,343 Bogus Jobs created or saved by stim dollars. Git ya’self a good belly laugh and read through a few of these “jobs” compiled on this handy-dandy scrolly chart by the Washington Examiner.
Here’s an appetizer —> A shoe-store owner claimed he created nine jobs on an $889.60 contract. In fact, he supplied nine pairs of shoes to the Army Corps of Engineers.

LOL! Great, isn’t it? Did you see that map? Nice! I luuuuv maps.

It gets better. (a WH site) is claiming jobs saved or created in congressional districts that DON’T. EVEN. EXIST! Hmmm, just wondering if these newly created districts might lean a little to the left?

Now, I want you to look at one more map. the 2008 Election Results See any similarities? I’m just sayin………

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