Your Opinions Plz re: Fundraising

When someone mentions fundraising, I cringe. Visions of pushing gargantuan candy bars (that nobody admits to wanting) pop into my head. Having recently become faced with “fundraising”, my lack of experience and general disdain is a hurdle. The kind of fundraising I am referring to is more like organizing events or services.

Here are some the discussed ideas so far: Val-Grams (singing Valentines messages), Spaghetti Dinner(maybe) + Karaoke, Spaghetti Dinner + Talent Contest (aka Homeschoolers Got Talent!), Car Washes, Yard Sales, Cell Phone/Printer Ink Collections….

Bear in mind that this is for a mixed group of homeschoolers, ages 10-15.

  • Have you done any fundraising (other than selling gargantuan candy bars, ridiculously expensive giftwrap, or frozen cookie dough for 5x the cost of a bucket of Tollhouse @ Sam’s)? And what did you do?
  • What pearls of wisdom, lessons learned, can you share?
  • What do you think of the above ideas?
  • Do you see yourself participating in any of these events, either as a fundraiser or a customer/contestant/participant? Why or why not?
  • We are thinking of having the spaghetti dinner/talent contest in late January. What do you think of this time frame?
  • How did you advertise your event?
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    8 Responses to Your Opinions Plz re: Fundraising

    1. heathertopia says:

      I made a cookbook, but you already knew that 😛

      For a Valentines thing, I would be more interested in baked goods or cute crafts…maybe you could have an Arts and Crafts sale or a Valentines themed Bake Sale?

      A car wash is a good idea.

      A large yard sale would be a great idea! If you could get a large number of families together to participate, you all would probably make some good cash.

      I’m not sure if you have this available or how it works exactly, but our local Krispy Kreme doughnut place has fundraising using their doughnuts and so does Pizza Hut…Maybe you could combine some of these ideas to draw in a larger crowd? Like have pizza or doughnuts while doing the yard sale or have the bake sale while doing arts and crafts sale? Also you could buy some cases of soda and bottled water and snack size bags of chips to sell at the events for like 75cents to $1 each to make a good profit. 🙂

    2. tressays says:

      How about a McTakeover at your local McDonald’s? Our church school does very well with those.

    3. appliejuice says:

      I don’t have any advice. I hate fundraising. It gives me hives!

    4. Melanie says:

      No, I would not participate in any of those events. Every aspect of fundraising makes my eyes bleed.

      (Oh, okay. I would put some money in the hat if the proceeds were going to benefit people whose eyes were actually bleeding, but I’d much rather just donate the money instead of having to sit through an event.)

      Our last church’s youth group had a goods and services auction to raise money for a mission trip. Most people seemed pretty excited about it.

      • Sheri says:

        LOL. Wonder how a Bleeding Eyeball Benefit would go over? We could have like a stupid pet trick thing, except it would have to be stupid eyeball tricks. The winners would receive gargantuan candy bars.

    5. Elaine says:

      Up here dinner theaters go well as do spaghetti feeds. Our youth group always does a pie/dessert auction the Sunday night before Thanksgiving and they make some pretty good money doing that!

      I just completed organizing and heading up our youth groups biggest money maker where we work a gate at the fair and I will be doing this again next year, the Lord willing. I’m sure this is not something that you could do this year but maybe in the future.

      Our youth have sold restaurant discount cards to Subway and other local restaurants (not all kids are good at selling though). Some groups around here sell pizza kits which seem to go over well.

      I try to help the groups that I can, rather the kids anyway though I do require the kids to sell me on what they are sellling! I figure that if I’m going to part with my money for them to do something then it should be important enough for them to convince me to do so – I’m not a hard sell but I don’t just hand over the money either.

      Let us know what you decided to do.

      In past years our kids have put together church cookbooks and have done well with them.

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